How To Remove Towel Bar With No Screws

How To Remove Towel Bar With No Screws

There are times when you want to give your bathroom a new makeover part of which includes removing the towel rack you have used for some time. But you may be wondering how to get rid of the rack especially those with no screws.

Well, there are different ways to remove the towel rack so you need not worry. You just need to ensure you can find how the bar is mounted and you will see the easiest means of removing the bar without causing damage to the wall. To get further details on how to remove the towel rack from the wall, here is everything you need to know.

How to Remove Towel Rack from Wall

How To Remove Towel Bar With No Screws

Ensure There are No Hidden Compartments

Before removing the bar, carefully look around it for any hidden compartments. You may not see any screws looking at it directly because they are hidden. You have to look for a hidden compartment that is shielding the screws. This is the first step to take when removing the bar. When you find the hidden compartment, you can begin to loosen the screws otherwise there may be no screws holding the bar to the wall. Therefore, you have to look for other ways to remove the bar.

Search for the Way the Bar is Mounted

If you have looked for screws around the bar and didn’t see anyone, then the bar was installed through another means and you have to find it out. The faster you locate what is holding the bar in place, the easier it will be to remove the bar. If you can’t remember what you used, you may have a hard time taking it down especially if it is glued to the wall.

However, there are other ways the bar can be installed that is quite easy to remove and one such way is the two-way tape.

How to Remove Towel Bar Installed with Two-way Tape

The two-way tape type of installation is quite easy to remove especially when installed on tiles. Par adventure you use the two-way tape on a wall or paint, it can cause damage to the paint if it’s not removed correctly.

If the two-way tape system of installation is used on the tiles, the first thing to do is to peel off the tape and clean whatever is left on the tiles with glue or paint remover. 

This way your towel bar will not be damaged and neither will your tiles. But if the bar is installed on a wall, you should carefully try to get it off without damaging the paint.

To remove the bar from the wall without damaging the paint, spray some thinner on the tape on the wall as it will soften the glue and make the tape easier to peel off.  But if your bar was installed with glue, the method of removal is different.

How to Remove Towel Bar Installed with Glue

This method of removal depends on the type of glue used in installing the bar. But you need to carefully remove the bar so you don’t break it while taking it off. To remove a bar glued to the wall you have to follow some steps that will easily get the bar off the wall or tiles. These steps include;

  • Remove the bar from each end of the towel rack. You can easily do this as the bar is not attached to the rack during its production.
  • Use a flat tool and insert it between the bar ends and the wall. Get a good grip on this tool while inserting it between the bar end and the wall. Apply some pressure to this tool so it creates a gap between the bar and the wall making pulling the bar off easier.
  • After removing the bar, take off the remainder of the glue before cleaning or painting the wall or tile.


You have been given the necessary information that can help you get the bar off easily especially when there are no screws holding the bar in place.  Make use of these methods and save yourself from paying to get it done.

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